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First time Dog Sledding in Whistler, Canada.

The snow in Whistler was fantastic, but the dogs made it such a magical experience.

After spending a couple of days snow boarding, we decided to do something we hadn't done before, which began with snowmobiling. The challenge we faced, with Sam being 3 years old, was that he wasn't allowed on any of the vehicles.

We moved to the next best thing, Dog Sledding!

As you will see on our Youtube video, the day was full of puppies, snow, beautiful sceneries and a family snowball fight. The dogs were just beautiful and as we found during the day, they are all saved. This certainly made it worth the trip, to meet these four legged little legends and you could tell they were having the time of their lives! Just like we did!!

If you can ever get the time and location, I can highly recommend the experience. It's something you won't forget.

See you in the next Adventure.


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