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Dubai Desert Adventure For Families - Safari, Camel Rides & Dune Bashing

Our Adventure in the desert started out as normal, with us meeting everyone in the foyer of the Atlantis Hotel and quickly leading to our 4x4 tour vehicle. From there, everything took a turn...literally!

With a family of 5, with our youngest being 3, I was a little worried about Dune Bashing through the Dubai Desert, but Sammy wanted to see the camels so badly, we didn't really have a choice. Brianna ( my eldest ) also wanted to experience a Henna tattoo, so in the end, I just had to hand on.

The dinner in the desert and subsequent show was simply amazing, and I can highly recommend it. As you will see in our YouTube Video, the family had a lot of fun, and built memories to last a lifetime.

Thanks for watching and see you in the next Adventure.


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