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An Airport, Some Plastic Plants and an Adventurous Soul....

I love airports, but not for the reason you may think.

Yes, every journey to a new location or new adventure normally starts in an Airport, but have you ever glanced up from your boarding pass and looked at the people around you?

Kaleb and I have just left Singapore to fly to Kathmandu ( a place we haven't been to before ) to attempt a trek to Base Camp.

We ran to our gate, and as we lined up waiting for it to open, I had a look around at the people going about their normal lives.

The Family that were running to their gate, with one of their young children over the whole experience, screaming all the way. Really, REALLY screaming.

The Business Man, that impressed me with his athletic performance, running headlong to his gate dressed in full suit including brief case. By the look on his face, he had no idea where his gate was.....poor bastard!

The Old Couple, taking photos with every plant display on the way to their gate. They arrived to be greeted by the message, "your gate will open in 90 minutes" which gave them even more time to take "plant" pictures. I'm sure one of them was a plastic arrangement, but I didn't have the heart to tell them, especially when they started disagreeing on the best fertiliser to get those "green" results.

"Paint" was my guess.

The most fun were the lone trekkers. Strolling to their gate with a look of acceptance of what does happen, is meant to happen....including missed flights.

I wish I was like them.

I usually leave my passport in a random toilet block and spend a Soul draining amount of time banging on doors of innocent stall goers to find out that it was in my back pocket all along.

Gladly, this didn't happen this time :)

As we boarded the plane, the Adventurous Souls were plainly evident. Not by the trekking boots worn onboard to save room, or the backpacks filled with tech, but the sheer joy of what they were doing.

I couldn't take the smile off my face, and neither could my son.

Airports are where Adventurous Souls bump into each other. I feel like I'm coming home, even when it takes me further away from the people I love.

Luckily I can say, this time at least, I have one of those people with me.

Be Adventurous, Live Life.


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