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Some Sand, Two Sunsets and An Adventurous Soul....

Have you ever seen two sunsets in one day?

I had the same question posed to me, some time back, and the obvious answer I had was "no".

I pictured myself watching the sun dip below the horizon, running to the airport to chase the next sunset. I would land in another location, to hopefully do it all over again.

I am happy to say, my son an I did watch two sunsets, but it didn't involve a plane.

While we completed our beach training, preparing for our Nepal Base Camp Trek which starts in 4 days, we had an idea.

I posed the challenge to my son, which was more out of need for conversation as I struggled to get my breath back, and as happens more often than not, the solution presented itself.

"Dad", my 13 year old son Kaleb said, " how about we lay in he sand, watch the sunset, then as soon as it disappears, stand up quickly and watch it again?"

The idea was perfect in its simplicity. Funny, enough, it also worked. We saw two sunsets in one day, at the same location.

Sharing Adventures has always opened doors for me that in review, I didn't even know existed at the time.

My other son, little Sammy, had his first Adventure, seeing a river for the first time. The look on his face, as he saw the wonder of water, was priceless.

Be Adventurous, Live Life :) 

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