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A Teenager, Everest    and an Adventurous Soul....

"Let's go to Everest Dad......if the doctor lets me that is " my 13 year old son said to me in his final doctors appointment for a recent knee operation. 

Thankfully, the news was positive, and his knee was healing well, so Base Camp Everest here we come!

"Are you insane?" I hear you ask.

I've had that question on numerous occasions over the last 6 months, as we count down our final days until our Adventure begins.

Put simply, during the time of his operation, Kaleb went through a tough time. A time that many teenagers go through, dealing with bullying and the people that feel better by making other people feel worse.

Sitting on the sidelines watching this unfold was simple torture for me, but I was lucky enough to have a little man that was about as crazy as I was!

In that doctors waiting room, we planned the impossible trip, to the base of the top of the world. Something most people either scoffed at or asked respectively, "are you joking? "

I'm very proud to say, my son has not only prepared for the Trek, but has raised over $6,000 for charity. The overwhelming support we have had from Nepal and all of our friends has been hugely positive.

My son has come out of this whole experience, knowing that with enough hard work, anything is possible. He believes in himself again.

Can a parent ask for anything more?

Be Adventurous, live life :) 

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