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Adventurous Soul - The Beginning Part I - Sammy's first time's....

Have you ever noticed the look on a child's face, as they do something new or for the first time?

The sheer wonder and excitement, for just about everything, is plastered all over their face!

My son Sammy was born just over 12 months ago, and his thirst for the "new" has been a joy to watch.

Without fear or judgement, he chased down those "first" time experiences, joyfully ploughing through them. He didn't look at the "new" as scary, or something he should worry about what other people thought.

That's left to us adults.

Sammy's wonder at everything new, reignited within me, a part I had forgotten. The part that has led me here, to Adventurous Soul.

In life, the new is sometimes seen as something to be feared, with the possibility of failure or judgement from others. This fear is the reason many people don't live their lives, instead filling it with regrets of the "should have been".

Adventurous Soul is about stories, stories of the new or first times, and the joy associated with it.

Be Adventurous, be alive!

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