A Detective, a Countess and an Adventurous Soul walk into a bar..........

March 26, 2017

 The night began with a challenge, to come up with a story to get in the front door of the Evans and Peel Detective Agency. The door isn't one you'd expect, with most people just walking past it without a second thought, but this particular door leads to an experience I've never had before.


Located in London, this little restaurant boasts a unique way of welcoming their guests.


With the push of a button, a gentle ring goes out. Some seconds later, a tall Detective from the Prohibition answers the door. With quick ushering, you're whisked down some stairs, into his 1950's office, including major book case and desk.


You're asked to sit down, and plead your case. The seat creaks underneath you, and the Detective leans back in his chair, waiting for your story.


Your story has to be good enough to get you inside the Speak Easy, and hopefully dinner.


My story, went like this:


"My name is Rod Sinclair.... Lord Rod Sinclair, but I don't like people knowing I'm a Lord......they usually get a little weird! You can call me "Sir" Rod if you like.


I'm searching for Countess Jessica Whiticker, the heir to the Whiticker Fortune.


I'll like to introduce Brian my Ninja Warrior and Deepak my mute Hindu Warrior ( my friends whom had decided that my ability to twist bollocks would help them get in without doing much......apart from standing there looking menacing ), they will be searching with me inside your establishment.


Unfortunately, the Countess was poisoned by her Step Mother and Brother, causing her to lose her memory. I've found out from reliable sources, that the Countess is inside for her final night before relocating to the United States to start a new life, unbeknown of her heritage. For the sake of the Whiticker Fortune and the beautiful Countess, will you help me?


Will you let me in? "


After some puzzled looks, I did get into character fully, the Detective agreed and opened the door behind the bookcase, allowing us entry.


The food was fantastic, the staff outstanding and I cannot recommend it highly enough.


Fun and adventure all round!





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